You will regain the power within yourself and you will let go of your Old Self, your limiting beliefs, your old perceptions, your held emotions, Pains, your old paradigms, your old stories and all unwanted thoughts. You can learn how to reverse Your Cells expression, reboot your energy system at all levels, You will get to know your true Energy Potential and you will learn how to Create Your Reality: Great Health, Wealth & Relationships.

I am using parts of my book which is under the same title as my program “Shake Off Your Old Self” to share informative content based on Collective Knowledge which can help You in Your Complete Transformation Therapy Program. This extended knowledge is based on many aspects of Understanding our Reality, by expanding My Consciousness over 15 years of practice in Quantum Medicine, to help You understand the complexity and simplicity of our Existence.

Our True potential is based on our Choices, our New Perceptions and our Abilities to overcome our Limitations & Burdens and truly understand the Christ Consciousness within Ourselves.

How the Shake Off Your Old Self Therapy Program can Transform Your life?

1. This Transformational Therapy Program is used with Quantum Resonance to get to the root of your physical, emotional and mental problems to help you reset and recalibrate your Energy Bio Field to orchestrate the healing, this modality can even be used in a subspace distance. We are in the Field of Infinite Intelligence, and the Field of Super Consciousness. You will learn how you can ignite your own abilities to heal as well.

2. This Transformational Therapy Program will help you to fully understand how to create balance in your life by understanding how to create Synergy of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

3. You will understand how the Mind is overpowering you and your decisions. You can learn how to take Your power back, how to shift your patterns, habits, and how to stop creating victimhood reality with blaming others, or by blaming circumstances or your childhood events.

4. You will learn how to heal your Inner Child by understanding Soul Fragmentation and Mental Programming. You can understand how your Subconscious mind is running your life. Learning all aspects of Your Ego and how to win the Game with Yourself. You will learn techniques which will help you to play your game called Life.

5. You will understand your map, your navigation system – the GPS, which is called Divine Soul Blueprint. You will learn in detail, what your additional lessons are which you have planned for yourself by learning to overcome them. You will learn what lessons you encoded additionally in your cycles called Pinnacles, where you planned your important events, and your steppingstones. Learning how to protect yourself from environmental influences, as this is the additional secret to life. The so-called Secret behind the Secret. Understanding how Energies – Pendulums or Egregors – Thought Entities, are working is the essence for Navigating Your Life. If you planned additional lessons you should pay attention to your home, business address and your automobile plate numbers-as to have a flow in life based on your Navigation Map needing to be mindful as which numbers to avoid if you want to create. You will learn in what personal year you are present day and how this can support you or challenge you. You will learn the basics to understand how to create harmony. To learn more, an 8-week program will be made available.

6. This program could help to release attachments and burdens which are holding you in the prison of your own mind. You will learn how to create new habits and how to release old ones. “Your life is your Energetic Projection, and it’s your Energetic Potential”

7. You will understand how to create your unlimited potential and by changing yourself, aligning the Soul with the Spirit, you will create complete harmony in your life. Feeling always in flow, create your life connecting to the unseen world and the power of Surrendering to Spirit. You will also understand how to synchronize with the Universal Energy Field by learning two powerful techniques.

8. How to purge-detox your system from 7 different types of toxicities which are impacting your physical body. Please remember when you clean your physical body, balance your Microbiome which is your Ecosystem you help balance your Emotions and you improve your mental health. You will learn what your body needs in order to be in balance. Which nutrients to use and which brands to choose from. Please note that not all products are bio available. You will receive a detailed Holistic Nutritional Consultation based on the newest scientific facts and longevity protocols.

9. You will learn how to slow down your brain waves and if you will be ready you can go back in time to revisit and re-examine your past. The QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Regressive session can only be done in person. You can book your session when it will be available for you to take advantage of this traveling back in time technique: to release certain phobias, gather information about this life which may be intriguing to you, and clear many questions about your Path in life.

10. This Transformational Therapy Program will give you tools that can put you in charge of your own reality, never looking back. You will know how to transform any situation, even when you will still be peeling and transmuting your life lessons. Please remember that any person in your life is bringing only valuable lessons, so you can grow as they are a mirroring reflection of that which is what you must work within yourself. You will know how to transmute these lessons in a different way which will give you peace of Mind. When you learn how to expand your Consciousness by gaining more Knowledge. You Are the Power For Creating Your Extraordinary Reality.

11. You will learn how to read your body and what your Soul is trying to communicate to you, and how you can transform that in seconds. Please remember practice and repetition are the keys to succeed.


Who can benefit from this
Transformational Therapy Program
and why they are stuck in life

  • Anyone who is seeking answers about their purpose in life.

  • Individuals who are ready to change what’s no longer working for them & leave their victimhood reality behind.

  • Those who do not understand why life is piling up on them and the same old pattern is repeating itself.

  • They are stuck in life.

  • Who wants to find out the root of the problem and to truly understand all the steps to gain balance in life, understanding the Synergy of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • Who lost all hope, feels depressed, has anxiety or other addictions/habits.

  • Who is ready to Shake off their Old Self, old habits and limitations, and Create a New Self with unlimited potential.



Change may be difficult as our Subconscious Mind and the ego are operating us on Auto Pilot. The ego which is – the Fear, Pride, Resentment, Regret, Blame, Anger, Grief, creates the Separation….drifting us away from The Spirit. Drifting Us from Understanding Our God-Selves. We are Constantly connected with Infinite Consciousness; we just do not understand it. We are coming here for this realization. We are here to apply our free will and then and only then, we can overwrite everything what we planned before coming here to operate with the full potential.

The Shake Off Your Old Self Therapy Program can help you win your game with yourself, Your mind…your old Habits, old beliefs, old paradigms….Shake means to move forward and backwards up and down in quick short movements. By this we mean the movement of the old, the breaking through, and releasing everything what is no longer serving you to create the reality that you truly desire. This Transformational Therapy Program includes: Divine Soul Blueprint Analysis; Getting to the root of your problem using Quantum Resonance & QHHT session to Orchestrate Your Healing. Sharing with You Techniques that you can use daily to bend your reality and to create the life that you Desire.

Please understand that 33.3% of your reality is predestined, it’s the Divine Plan; 33.3% is Your Free Will; 33.3% are the Environment influences called Feng Shui, Pendulums of Energies Egregors, Planetary influences, and Cosmic Laws. It is the underlying understanding of our game that we came here to play and to evolve. This is the S

"Shake Off Your Old Self" Program

Get your participation now, to immidiatelly get your transformation