Danuta Domurad

Founder & CEO of Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic

RNP Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner

Doctor of Natural Medicine , Specializing in Quantum Medicine

  • Introspective Hypnosis Facilitator
  • PHS Practitioner of Humanitarian Services
  • Quantum and Holistic Coach
  • Certified QHHT Facilitator with 4+ years experience

Danuta is a Registered Neurotherapy Practitioner, specializing in Quantum Biofeedback and operating under the World Organization of Natural Medicine. She is continuing her education in IQUIM International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine in Honolulu. She received a diploma from the University in Quantum Biology and Quantum Healing. Danuta has extended education in Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Technology as well as Electro Interstitial Scan Technology. She is a Facilitator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Regressive session QHHT techniques trained by the Dolores Cannon Academy.

Danuta’s One Step to Wellness under the Umbrella called Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to create life in balance as a Synergy of the Body, Mind and Spirit with State of the Art Quantum Modalities offering complete detoxification & complete body work and healing techniques, Innovative Skin Rejuvenation treatments activating Telomeres Repair, Spiritual Healing, Couple’s and Family Coaching Therapies, Holistic Nutritional Coaching based on the newest protocols for longevity. Please note that all dis-eases are reversible through recalibration-voltage, detoxification, and Mind Fitness.

On picture above – Danuta Domurad with Louis Ignarro.

Louis Ignarro – American pharmacologist who, along with Robert F. Furchgott and Ferid Murad, was co-awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine …