You will regain the power within yourself and you will let go of your Old Self, your limiting beliefs, your old perceptions, your held emotions, Pains, your old paradigms, your old stories and all unwanted thoughts. You can learn how to reverse Your Cells expression, reboot your energy system at all levels, You will get to know your true Energy Potential and you will learn how to Create Your Reality: Great Health, Wealth & Relationships.

"Shake off your old self"

My Transformational Therapy Program "Shake Off Your Old Self" includes:

Individual Evaluation and Therapy based on Quantum Technology – Quantum Biofeedback Scio Educator will help pinpoint all imbalances that are creating a Dis-eased body. Therapy creates balance through Quantum Resonance, Pulse Magnetic Resonance and other rife frequencies, Energy Balancing Techniques, Scalar Technique and more. These therapies are creating proper cell voltage to restore the Energy Field. They are rebooting cells so they can properly signal one another. We have 50-100 Trillion Cells. Our Body is also an Eco System to bacteria, viruses and worms. We have 10 times more of other Species in Our Body than we have human cells. The Eco System is called the Microbiome When our Microbiome is depleted due to bad diet choices the Environment,other toxins, then our health is deteriorating . The Quantum Modality is recognizing all Energies, as Everything is Energy, and is re-balancing all stress and stressors to bring everything to balance the way nature intended. This synchronization is creating a Synergy, a state of Equilibrium of the Body, Mind and Spirit.
Danuta Domurad offers Quantum Coaching with the full understanding of the Soul, by preparing the Divine Soul Blueprint; Knowledge of Energy Numbers and Feng Shui; Understanding of Epigenetic, a knowledge which explains the Environment influences on Cells. Knowledge which explains that genes are only Blueprints and that our emotions & stress are impacting Our cell expression by 85%. The optional session is the QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Regressive sessions.   The Mind is influenced by the subconscious programs and the ego which is always creating our Separation from Ourselves. We downloaded all programs as planned in the first 6-7 years of our life. Our Subconscious Mind holds all our memories from other lives which in many cases are creating additional problems in our present life. Many people cannot live in the now as they are influenced by the Subconscious Mind by 98% each day. Our Subconscious Mind is holding our limitations and our disassociations based on the traumatic experiences that we are going through in our life. The subconscious mind is also holding all our records, memories and pictures. These limitations are creating certain frequency vibrations which are attracting other entities that are impacting our reality. The Subconscious is running us and our life creating our limiting realities when we allow the ego to influence us at all times. We can compare that to the autopilot controlling system. When this happens systematically even for a short period of time, the Body becomes the Mind. We become the story that we have been telling ourselves. Pain in general is really suppressed anger, any pain is related to stubbornness, anger, regret, resentment, and judgment.   Repeating the same story, or even parts of that story, which is coming from our vain imaginings, our untrue records are coming from our Subconscious Mind; that Story becomes our Truth, which now becomes our Reality, which we cannot escape from if we are not expanding our Consciousness by practicing our Free Will which is given to us at Birth. When we are continuing this agenda then we become that story, a story of pain, story of victimhood, story of bad luck, story of blame, story of guilt, story of fear, story of sadness, etc. Our story unfortunately is our own perception of what happened or was said to us, what we were poked by, and how it made us feel. We have certain emotions stored in our Subconscious Mind and then our reactions to that what is happening at the specific moment creates the same reaction of emotions and that is destroying our peace. At this moment, we are repeating the behavior of either mother or father or the person who was playing a significant role in our upbringing. We can run certain limitations from 7 to 9 generations downloading the same story over and over again. We can only break free from the story when we have that “Aha” moment and truly have the self-realization. Only then can we break the pattern.   We planned these lessons for ourselves so as to overcome them and made sure that by creating these lessons in our Soul Blueprint, we won’t be missing them as they are there for the growth of the soul. Not that long ago I’ve learned, that we can check the scalar frequencies to know exactly what Soul vibrations we are at the present moment. We can also check all the intentions and soul purity. We can find out if we are listening and learning from the right people. The Scalar Vector Technology is checking our Incarnating soul frequency which we are coming with, and what it was during the birth moment, as the mother’s trauma can definitely affect us; how much compassion and empathy we carry in us; what is our intuition; how much our ego is impacting us playing our games; what are our relationships with money and people; our personal growth aspect; our creativity; our Divine and personal purpose; at what level is our integrity; where we are with our abilities in relationships; and Soul purity, and what dimensions we are already performing at. Isn’t that intriguing, that we are coming here to become better and to fulfill our Souls’ Mission and to stay true to ourselves and expand our Consciousness?   Depending on what our mission is, we may bring more Soul Light Frequencies with us to create what we planned. When we start understanding our journey then our journey becomes easy. We learn how to release pain through love and forgiveness. We are completely transmuting karma-lessons as we have to understand, and to choose our Free Will. This is an aspect of ourselves to understand our power and then become more aligned. Life then will unfold itself with a complete flow of the Spirit in harmony with our Soul. Releasing karma can only be achieved through full Forgiveness, Love and Acceptance. The power of applying our Free Will is given to us at birth.   When we are allowing our ego and Subconscious to run our life then we allow penalties to apply and usually that comes with consequences. The Cause and Effect Cosmic Law will apply. There are so many of these Cosmic Laws.   The technology that I have been using for the last 15 years is remarkable it provides fast and steady results which individuals feel immediately in person or in distance. Quantum Biofeedback helps to evaluate your physical body, emotional body, mental body and the supra-mental body-spiritual body. I can check all stresses and stressors which are creating your symptoms. Pinpointing every detail that you are experiencing and every struggle that you have with yourself. Learning what is the root of your problems are and how to quickly to transform, knowing that everything is reversible.   Health as you already know stands for Body in Balance, a Synergy of the Body, Mind and Spirit. Your body is Electric and so by using the Quantum Resonance, I can orchestrate your healing by resetting your energy system. It is like rebooting the battery in your car. Quantum Resonance, which is realigning your energy through recalibration, is activating and improving your cell voltage and reconnecting you and your field of energy to the field of Super Consciousness. Through intention you are creating the healing and allowing your Spirit to heal you. When we allow ourselves to get to the state of dis-ease we need this recalibration to release our blockages. I call it fine tuning.

We understand through scientific discoveries that Voltage is healing.

Dr. Otto Warburg German Psychologist and Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine discovered the cells’ vibrations in 1930. He proved that super healthy cells are vibrating at 90 millivolts, fatigued cells at 50 millivolts, and sick cells are vibrating at 15-30 millivolts. We can call them degenerated cells but really, they are only lacking voltage. Everything is Reversible when you understand how perfect our system is. When we fully understand what is causing the physical body to collapse and what is helping the body to heal then the journey becomes easy. To understand this, I already told you to compare our cells to a battery in a car. We know what to do when the car battery is collapsing or already collapsed. We know that our car needs to get fueled up with gas and have the oil changed. We understand that we need new tires and pads replaced, etc. The list may go on and on.
We understand all this, but when it comes to us, we have been programmed to go and get a check-up we seek a doctor. We stopped using critical thinking, to first help ourselves with the so-called home remedies which we all should know about. We are not taking responsibility for our body. The body is sending messages in a form of symptoms first, and then certain problems start progressing. Our body is impacted by 7 different types of toxicities: radiation, pathogens, overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and worms, heavy metals, pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. Then there is emotional, mental and spiritual toxicity which is impacting our cells by 85%. This knowledge is provided to us by Epigenetic, the knowledge which allowed us to understand that genes are not in charge of our dis-eases but that environmental influences impacts our cells. Everything listed above impacts our cells. This allowed us to step away from seeking out problems and understanding ourselves. We don’t have hereditary genetic dis-eases but emotional habits which can overpower us up to 9 generations down in our family tree. The behaviors are created by influences of our environment.   How did the scientists prove that? They were observing children who were adopted by certain families. These children were learning habits based on what they observed in the families that they were living with. Habits of diet, habits of taking care of themselves, mental habits, emotional habits. Basically, they were developing the dis-eases which were appearing in the adopted families. Genetics were excluded. 3-5 % of diseases are involving genes when only one chromosome may be causing the problem. In other dis-eases 20-30 chromosomes have to be off to create a health problem. Checking for so called cancer is truly not possible in the eyes of the science of Epigenetic.   The Quantum Biofeedback Scio modality is pinpointing all the imbalances in our body that is experiencing stress and all the stressors based on the 7 different factors of toxicity as mentioned already. These toxicities are coming from our diet, the environment, and then absolutely the family life, with the impact of mental stress, emotional stress and spiritual stress. Everything is reversible when we understand how to help ourselves and how to tap into the right knowledge. How to change habits: our diet, what nutrients our body needs to support itself. How to reset our thinking, the people that we associate with, the people we are listening to, the programs that we are watching and listening to. Our success is in our understanding of how we can change the story that is ingrained in our Mind-Body as that became one. This modality is allowing to reboot the system to create a flow, to create balance. There are hundreds of different programs that I can choose from to accelerate and navigate what the particular person needs. The spectrum of frequencies such as scalar theta frequencies, pulse magnetic frequencies and Quantum frequencies; Simply by orchestrating the proper connection to the field of Super Consciousness, I can inaugurate the Healing. To activate the complete healing the person has to participate. There are so many different stressors, but I never concentrate on names of the stressors as we can become overwhelmed by them. We need to know the solutions and understand how to shift our energy throughout the day and how to participate in this journey. How not to stay in the victimhood reality by owning that dis-ease and not to manipulate with that dis-ease.   The intention of the healing is the most powerful remedy, that there is to activate cell growth to balance energy, release the energy blocks and generate the proper information on how the blocks got created in the first place. This is the solutions, that is necessary to support the healing. Coaching on how to release all the emotions, that are trapped in the body, eliminating all the egregors which are our thought entities, that we created for ourselves. You can learn how to uplift the spirit, so other entities cannot attach to your energy field. You will learn how to protect yourself so the entities cannot feed off your low vibrations and holding you in an unhappy state. This is the most important part of the healing to learn how to create Protective energy field called Merkabah   Understanding the root of the problem and then addressing it the way that nature intended to heal itself. This coaching involves addressing the subject of mental conditioning as I see any patterns that your soul is clinging to and by removing the attachments to these habits. I can easily assist you to create Your New You if you will actively participate in the process. I will help you to recognize your mental conditioning-paradigms-habits so you can start shifting from the old self. To your New Self. You can recognize your behavior’s and what is holding you in the prison of your own mind. You do not have to be held in a cage like a bird which has an open door but is afraid to fly because of the attachment to what you already adapted to as this can paralyze us.   Using Quantum Biofeedback, I will evaluate your needs by seeing the whole picture on how your different bodies are performing. I can also see what your soul is going through at the particular moment. If the soul in this lifetime is clearing the “light fibers” as we are the beings of light and our light can be damaged or fragmented in this lifetime or your past lives. Quantum Biofeedback works simultaneously on many different layers of our physical, vital(meridians)emotional and mental body to bring everything to balance. You will need a few sessions, sometimes 3, sometimes 6 and sometimes 10 or 15 sessions to completely heal yourself. Sometimes even after one session, you can feel tremendous results. Please remember, that the modality is creating quantum resonance to help You merge with the field of Super Consciousness which we all are a part of.   As a Facilitator of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Regressive session trained by Dolores Cannon Academy in 2019 I can help you to travel back in time to revisit and re-examine your lives and understand your ingrained emotional blocks to remove them and to connect you to your Higher Soul to the field of Super Consciousness for answers and healing.

Additionally, what you are generating from the program?

Detailed Nutritional Coaching with all the new discoveries and proven solutions. You will learn what nutrients are most necessary for you and which brands have the best products. Newest Longevity Discoveries about what is working and what is not. Detailed suggestions which you can apply to your life if you are committed to complete healing is available.
Danuta has been specializing in the Quantum Medicine field for 15 years; using a great modality, EIS-Electro Interstitial Scanning which scans the full body with 95 % accuracy to compare it to modern day technology it works like an MRI. She has a very broad understanding of the Scalar Sound Frequency healing, PEMF Pulse electromagnetic field resonance, the proper cleaning, balancing of our Microbiome and all the necessary strategies to apply in order to continue a healthy journey. Including the latest protocols on Longevity and Knowledge about proper Hydration. The Quantum Biofeedback modality uses different zapping techniques to eliminate toxicity, to balance hormones, blood, emotions, to reduce stress, phobias, anxiety, and mental conditioning. These are only a few from the hundreds of programs which I can choose from, depending on the specific person. In many cases You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, that you will receive, but you will be getting the necessary guidance to help yourself stay on the right track to see fast, steady and long-lasting results. There are so many programs which your Higher Self is choosing for you, to assist you in your healing.

Devine Soul Blue Print Analysis

Since 2019, Danuta can prepare your Divine Soul Blueprint Analysis with a detailed map of additional Karmic lessons with what knowledge you came here with, and all additional lessons that you have planned for yourself with the specific time that you planned them. What personality you planned to play in this game in this lifetime, your life Path number and your expression destiny number, which is your Motivator. This knowledge helps you to understand your life better and the Coaching is very personalized. The Karmic lessons which we planned for ourselves are only helping us to shape our Soul to shine brighter. There are no mistakes, there are only valuable lessons. Every person who is assisting us in our life, either this is an easy lesson or a very difficult one to learn has a soul contract with us. Everyone entering our life should be projected as a miracle, as an Angel, as a Gift. We should learn to see through them to acknowledge messages which they are bringing us, to see their light as they come from light, we are all going back to Source. We learn by understanding our duality and polarity. There is always a way to create change, “Where there is a Will there is a Way”.
Calculating your Energy Number from the Feng Shui calculation to see what is helping you to understand your energy, strengths and weaknesses. How to position things and how to create energy flow due to your Energy Number. “33.3% of what is creating your Holographic Reality, are Environmental Influences. Marie Diamond calls this the Secret behind the Secret.”   Did you know that you planned your life with your Guides, Angels & The Council of Light? Did you know that the lessons that you are choosing for yourself are not pushed on you? Earth is a school ground. The more you understand the Game of life and that you came here to play it, the easier the journey will unfold itself and you will pass all your exams. Please remember these are not your punishments. If you know how to always stay focused and open the right envelope with your Free Will, which you received at birth, instead of constantly being run by your mental behavior’s/paradigms/habits which are stored in your Subconscious Mind, your Ego is self-sabotaging you with them, then you are in charge and you are winning this Game called Life.   Ego can sabotage your decisions and you can learn how to start standing in charge and in the knowing that you decide. “You are the Captain of your Ship, don’t let anyone else take the wheel.” Michael Josephson. Again Please remember, that Your Subconscious Mind has access to all your memories and all the pictures. We can always travel back in time tapping to this part of your mind to find answers for you and release your ingrained phobias faster. Personality stays behind in every lifetime, that you are going through. We can always revisit and examine the events, that you are going through to help you heal faster. I can teach you how to do this.   Ego is Fear and Ego creates your Separation from your God-Self. Your Subconscious Mind and your ego are operating you or navigating You by 95-98% every single day. You are operating on autopilot when you don’t pay attention, when you are not focused, and when you are not present.   When you are not Focused then your programs, your behavior’s, your emotions, or should I say the stories that are ingrained in your Subconscious Mind are running You. Your life is a mirroring result of these programs. The frequencies that you are producing are creating that what you are experiencing. They are coming to your life like a boomerang effect. In most cases when that is happening, you become a Victim of your Reality. You start blaming circumstances and people for all your mistakes or unfortunate decisions. You become your stories, feeding yourself with them or Indulging yourself in your Story. After a while you start believing in your story. When you start expanding your Consciousness which is only 2-5% of your Reality at the beginning of your life journey, and you grow your light, your energy potential expands. Your perceptions are changing, you will become an observer and you will stop participating in trauma/drama by not allowing the low energies to affect you. You will be in charge of your reality when you surrender. Then you allow the Spirit to flow through you, and allow the miracles to fulfill your life. That is when you fully practice to merge thoughts, feelings and emotions thus creating them by your Spoken word. You start co-creating your reality. You start understanding that all the limitations are your untrue stories, your untrue records which are coming from your vain imaginings. You understand that clearly when you start revisiting your past and observing events from a different perception, and from a different perspective. Then by tapping into your Free Will by applying Forgiveness and Love you can live a joyful and fulfilling, peaceful life. These are the true teachings of Jesus Christ.   The second envelope also given at birth is an envelope of Penalties which are all our limitations. This is fear, guilt, worries, grief, resentment, regret, shame, hate, greed, anger, and blame, etc. The second envelope basically represent your Subconscious Mind. We are here to heal our Soul which is manipulated by these programs, by these burdens. Sometimes our soul is even hijacked by all imprints or other energies. When we start understanding how to apply all that we have learned in books or seminars and by understanding our Divine Soul Blue Print, we are winning our game. If your desire for knowledge is high and your focused on your growth, you are winning this game. When you can overcome your Limitations – Your Ego, you can expand your consciousness and life flows smoothly without drama. To achieve that you have to maintain a very high coach-ability index. Your life is navigated by the Divine Soul Blueprint as life is pre-destined. You understand that to build a house, you have to prepare a blueprint to create it. You understood this before deciding to come on this plane of existence, you simply forgot that.   Summarizing this knowledge: 33.3% of your Reality is based on your Divine Soul Blueprint, your journey with what you want to overcome and learn in this lifetime. 33.3% your life is based on your free will which you can always apply when you are truly living in the now. “The Power of Now” by E. Tolle. 33.3% of your life is impacted by Environmental Influences known as Cosmic Force Energies, also known as Feng Shui, Geopathic Stress which truly related to other entities, Planetary movements-astrology, etc.

How it works

Sessions can be done using Zoom for Quantum Biofeedback modality in Subspace-in distance. Getting to the root of the problem to initiate the healing the way nature intended. Remember your body is electric. (Everything is energy and energy is everything) – Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
One of the techniques which Danuta teaches is Remote Viewing Ultra Mind Silva Technique which will allow you to get back your psychic abilities so you could Heal faster. This technique has a lot of centering exercises. QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Regressive Session can take you to the deep state of Theta Brain frequency level which holds all the pictures and memories, through Induction technique you simply become the Personality in that other lifetime which we will be investigating. Personality in each lifetime stays behind so we can revisit and re-examine in order to help ourselves understand our true limitations in this lifetime. This session is only available in person and cannot be done over Zoom. Divine Soul Blueprint can show all the Karmic additional lessons that may be holding you hostage in this lifetime. The techniques are benefiting each other as you are allowing yourself to stop being a victim. You no longer have cravings to manipulate with any part of your old behavior’s. When you truly start your journey you want to grow, to Expand your creativity, integrity, compassion, cooperation, love, joy, and you want to serve the Collective to be realigned with your Divine and Personal Purpose in Life.

What can You learn Having the Soul Blue Print prepared …

1. Learn your life path. What are your strengths and your weaknesses?

2. Learn what is motivating your soul. How much your soul already knows?

3. What is your personality Number and why you are acting this particular way? This can help you overcome your challenges/habits/paradigms.

4. Learn what karmic lessons you encoded into your Blueprint if you took any additional lessons. What emotions do you need to release? Why are you stuck in life?

5. Learn what are the year cycles and when you planned to activate your lessons which are your pinnacles.

6. Learn why you shouldn’t do certain moves in certain years and at certain times. What are the specific messages that you encoded to help yourself Understand your journey?

7. Learn how to calculate what year cycle you are in this year and what is the message behind that.

8. Learn how all Numbers, such as home address, plate numbers, and your business address in a particular year are impacting you. You can be more aware when buying a house or making important decisions in life. It can save you time and money.

9. Paying attention to signs, understanding the cycles, understanding the Cosmic Habit Force-Feng Shui, Understanding Yourself and your Free Will, understanding the Environmental Energies and Influences – a quick explanation about how this is working and impacting you. That will be prepared in the Summarized Interpretation.

10. Learn how You can understand Feng Shui and your direction due to your Energy Number. This will help you to create additional support for you to create your Health, Wealth, Love and Wisdom.

"Shake Off Your Old Self" Program

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