Real client testimonials

“I had the wonderful  privilege of receiving a 3+ hour session by Danuta as my birthday gift last week. She was so gracious and generous in sharing her rich wisdom, guidance and coaching on a deep deep level. Her analysis of what’s going on with my body , heart , mind , soul on all levels was so accurate, that it blew my mind !!
I’m so grateful for this beautiful community with loving healers.
She was able to see things that I’m hiding 🙈 even from myself . And the soul blue print – where she told me about the 4 key lessons I’m here to learn this life time was amazing also. She said your soul was supposed to realize one’s own power at the age 36, and that is when I had gotten divorced ..Can’t wait to be prepared for the other three lessons.
And she showed me a picture of my aura with some dark energies that she could help detach / untangle .. and I actually felt tingly vibrations as they were lifting off  and the picture became clear then!
Her wisdom and technology is truly next level !
So blessed to have had that experience.

Really hoping to collaborate with this great wise soul in the near future 💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏🌈🌈🌟🌟😇

Thank you my dearest sister Danuta!”