divine soul blue print

Have you ever asked yourself this question?
“Who Am I” and “What Am I doing here?”

Do you know that you plan Your Life with your Guides, Angels & The Council of Light? Do you know that nothing is a coincidence?

  • 33.3% Of Your Reality is based on your Divine Plan, your Soul Blue Print of what you want to overcome and learn in this lifetime.
  • 33.3% Your applied free will
  • 33.3% Environmental Influences known as Cosmic Habit Force, Feng Shui, Geopathic Stress. Planetary movements

What can You learn from having the Soul Blue Print prepared?

  1. Learn your life path. What are your strengths and your weaknesses?
  2. Learn what is motivating your soul? How much your soul already knows.
  3. What is your personality Number and why you are acting in a particular way? This can help you overcome your challenges/ habits/ paradigms. This can help you create better life for yourself, better relationships.
  4. Learn what karmic lessons you encoded into your Soul Blue Print if you took any additional lessons. What emotions do you need to release? Why are you “stuck” in life?
  5. Learn what the years cycles are and when you planned to activate the lessons?
  6. Why you shouldn’t do certain moves in certain years. What are the specific messages that you encoded to help you understand this journey?
  7. Learn how to calculate what year cycle you are in this year and what is the message behind that so you are aligned.
  8. Learn how all Numbers: home address, plate numbers, your business address particular year are impacting you? You can be more aware when buying a house or making decisions in life. It can safe you time and money.
  9. Paying attention to signs, understanding the cycles, understanding the Cosmic Habit Force, Understanding Yourself and your Free Will, understanding the Environmental Energies Influences( quick explanation how this is working and impacting us prepared in the Summarized Interpretation.
  10. Learn what Feng Shui direction are positive for you based on your Life Path Number. This will impact your Health, Wealth, Love, Wisdom

We offer Quantum Coaching based on Soul Blue Print Analysis.  Our knowledge is based on my specialization in Quantum Biofeedback since 2007 and Quantum Healing Regressive Hypnosis Technique QHHT learned from Dolores Cannon and my broad knowledge about our Soul Body and Spirit Synergy to create complete balance and healing on many levels of yourself.