Feng Shui- the Secret behind the Secret.

Feng Shui means Wind & Water.

Due to our Energy Number which is calculated and based on our Life Path Number, we can learn more details about ourselves. What are our strengths, what is most suitable for us to do: jobs & careers, and what are our specific directions for Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Relationships.
There are supporting colours, that we should know about, talismans, symbols and details which can create a very strong and balanced Energetic field, to support us and create flow in our life.
Marie Diamond, as I have learned from her, is explaining, that knowledge of Feng Shui is our Earthly luck and we can learn to create that luck, learning Feng Shui based on our Individual Energy Number Directions.
There is main knowledge of Energy flow due to Feng Shui understanding, which can absolutely be applied, as all members of the house are impacted by that, and there are the Individual Secrets which can help us to create Magic on Earth.
We are the Creators of our Reality when we Understand the Laws of this Dimension.
Feng Shui stands for 33.3% of our Reality.
Knowledge about Feng Shui can help us buy a perfect house which has all necessary supportive elements due to a compass directions, which can help us to create more flow in our love relationship, open our Energy field to attract love to our life, create more success in our life, open us up to more peace and happiness and can help us to eliminate obstacles.
We can learn how to position furnitures, what paintings are supporting us and were to place them, what 4 elements: wood, water, fire, earth can support us and where to place them, what colours are creating balance for us. How to protect ourselves and how to create a complete flow of energy. All of this is impacting our own Energy Field.

There are 9 Energy Numbers:

  1. Wealth Creator
  2. Teacher
  3. Bringer of Light
  4. Managers
  5. Man-Teacher, Women-Connector
  6. Creator
  7. Advisor, Mentor
  8. Connector
  9. Healer

The Low of Attraction includes:

  1. Heavenly Luck- Our Devine Soul Blue Print your Navigation System, everything that we planned for ourselves , conditions we were born into
  2. Human Luck- Our Free Will, Our thoughts words, actions. Our word is our Wand.
  3. Earth Luck – Environment which is around us, that can be activated with Feng Shui