How it works

I can do all sessions on zoom and Quantum Biofeedback Sessions can be done in Subspace in Long Distance including the part of therapie.
I can get to the root of their problems and initiate the Healing the Way Nature intended. We are electric and electromagnetic bodies.
Remote Viewing Ultra Mind Silva Technique is allowing people to get back their psychic abilities and Heal everything in their lives.
QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique learn from Dolores Cannon Academy is taking people to deep state of Theta Brain level which holds all the pictures and memories and through Induction technique they simply become the Personality in that lifetime. Personality in each lifetime stays behind so we can revisit and re-examine to help ourselves understand our true limitations in this lifetime.
Devine Soul Blue Print allows me to see all the Karmic additional lessons that are holding people hostage in this lifetime.
All of the techniques are benefiting each other as you are allowing yourself to stop yourself to be a victim. You no longer have cravings to manipulate with any part of your old behaviours.
When you truly start your journey you want to grow. Expand your creativity, integrity, compassion, cooperation, love, joy, you want to serve the Collective and be realigned with your Devine and Personal Purpose in Life.

"Shake Off Your Old Self" Program

Get your participation now, to immidiatelly get your transformation

What can You learn

Having the Soul Blue Print prepared …

  1. Learn your life path. What are your strengths and your weaknesses?
  2. Learn what is motivating your soul? How much your soul already knows.
  3. What is , your personality Number and why you are acting this particular way? This can help you overcome your challenges/ habits/ paradigms
  4. Learn what karmic lessons you encoded into your Blue print if you took any additional lessons. What emotions do you need to release? Why you are stuck in life?
  5. Learn what are the years cycles and when you planned to activate your lessons?
  6. Why you shouldn’t do certain moves in certain years and in certain times. What are the specific messages that you encoded to help yourself Understand your journey?
  7. Learn how to calculate what year cycle you are in this Year and what is the message behind that?
  8. Learn how all Numbers: home address, plate numbers, your business address particular year are impacting you? You can be more aware when buying a house or making important decisions in life. It can safe you time and money.
  9. Paying attention to signs, understanding the cycles, understanding the Cosmic Habit Force-Feng Shui, Understanding Yourself and your Free Will, understanding the Environmental Energies Influences( quick explanation about how this is working and impacting us. That will be prepared in the Summarized Interpretation.
  10. Learn how You can understand the Feng Shui, your direction due to your Energy Number. This will help you to create additional support for you to create your Health, Wealth, Love and Wisdom.