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Summarize Interpretation of Divine Soul Blue Print coaching with analysis
Feng Shui Energy Number, Your Directions & everything that you need to know to create flow and Harmony in your life to increase your Heavenly Luck
Summarized interpretation of Divine Soul Blue Print analysis plus Feng Shui Energy Number, Directions and detailed instructions to create Ambiance in your Home to create Abundance of Wealth Health, Relationships and Wisdom
Silver Package First Intake Quantum Biofeedback Evaluation & Therapy with Quantum & Holistic Nutritional Coaching, summarized Interpretation of Devine Soul Blue Print & Energy Number Directions and Feng Shui detailed interpretation to support your Energy and your Life
Gold Package includes Transformational Silver Package plus Introspective Hypnosis Session
Introspective Hypnosis - 3 hours (+$100 every additional hour)
Platinum Package - 4 Quantum Coaching Sessions + 4 Quantum Biofeedback
Diamond Package includes a combination of the Gold Package + 3 Quantum Coaching Sessions + 3 Quantum Biofeedback Sessions + Recorded Coaching Sessions with three 22-minutes accountability calls per week or a 60-minutes call per week to track and measure progress. (With quantum biofeedback, holistic coaching and introduction to your divine soul blueprint you can truly unlock your full potential and know yourself & your journey. In the modern day, where there is so much stress, emotional void, chaos and anxiety, where we have so many questions about our existence that Google cannot always help with, this combined session has the potential to truly elevate your soul and lead you towards a more fulfilled life. You almost feel renewed)
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