Deep Dive Into The Program

“Shake Off Your Old Self” by “Changing Tragic to Magic” 

This program emphasized on the phrase “I am” and I am is the most profound and powerful statement that can change the story and create magic. This includes First Intake Quantum Biofeedback with getting to the root of the problem, getting to the root of physical emotional and mental blocks and then orchestrating the cells Self Healing abilities by improving cell voltage to improve cell signalling and expression and by helping the body to release toxicities and acidity. Dr. Otto Warburg double Laureate of Nobel Price in Medicine discovered that degenerative diseases including cancer are caused by Anaerobic condition of the body.

With Quantum Biofeedback, Holistic Coaching and Introduction to your Divine Soul Blueprint you can truly unlock your full potential and know yourself & your journey. In the modern day, where there is so much stress, emotional void, chaos and anxiety, where we have so many questions about our existence that Google cannot always help with, this combined session has the potential to truly elevate your soul and lead you towards a more fulfilled life. You almost feel renewed.

The Transformational Program is an all-day program the includes lunch in the form  of wheat grass juice smoothie with Kombucha tea, and organic protein bar.  The session ends with a 1-hour Theta Scalar Sound with Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Rejuvenation Therapy. We have multiple Transformational Program options. Speak to one of our staffs to find out more!

Transformational Programs Summary: 

    • Divine Soul Blueprint Analysis, Quantum Biofeedback session, Quantum and Holistic Nutrition Coaching
    • Additional sessions customized based on individual’s needs
    • Divine Soul Blueprint Analysis with 45 mins coaching
    • Feng Shui